The Supreme Public Prosecution the has long-standing successful cooperation with the OSCE Mission in the Republic of Serbia, i.e. with H.E. Ambassador, as well as with the Department for the Rule of Law, the Department for Security Cooperation and the Department for the Media.

Due to the great support of the Department for the Rule of Law of the OSCE Mission, the Supreme Public Prosecution implemented and continues to participate in the implementation of activities related to the professional development of public prosecutors for the implementation of the Criminal Procedure Code, the principle of opportunity for criminal prosecution, the principle of "ne bis in idem " and writing of indictments. Special attention is paid to the area of support for victims and witnesses of criminal offenses and the enforcement of their rights, including compensation for victims of serious crimes. Also, the Supreme Public Prosecution participated, together with the OSCE Mission, in the development of the Manual on the forfeiture of assets proceeding from a criminal offense and the organization of a series of roundtables on this topic. Particularly significant was the support of the OSCE Mission to the harmonization of prosecutorial practice, within which assistance was provided to the Department for Prosecutorial Practice of the Supreme Public Prosecution in creating an external and internal database of prosecutorial practice and organization of training.

The Supreme Public Prosecution closely cooperates with the Department for Cooperation in the Security Sector of the OSCE Mission and participates in activities aimed at strengthening the capacity of competent state authorities to fight economic crime and corruption, high-tech crime, the implementation of the Law on Digital Assets and the Law on Organization and competences of state authorities in combating organized crime, terrorism and corruption.

Likewise, the Supreme Public Prosecution continued cooperation with the representatives of the Media Department of the OSCE Mission in Serbia in order to implement the activities prescribed by the Agreement on cooperation and measures to raise the level of safety of journalists. In accordance with the Agreement, trainings are held for journalists, public prosecutors and police officers. Also, in cooperation with the OSCE Mission, the Permanent Working Group prepared the Report on the work of the Permanent Working Group for the period from 2017 to 2021 and an online presentation of the said report was organized, which was attended by a large number of representatives of journalist associations and media associations.

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