The Supreme Public Prosecution has successful cooperation with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), both with the UNODC Office in the headquarters of this organization in Vienna, and with the UNODC Office in Belgrade.

As part of cooperation with the UNODC office in Vienna, the representatives of the Supreme Public Prosecuton participate in the meetings of the UN Commission for Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) and the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

The Supreme Public Prosecution cooperates with the UNODC Office in Belgrade in projects of strengthening the capacity of law enforcement and justice authorities in various thematic areas, such as human trafficking and smuggling of migrants, arms trafficking and forfeiture of assets proceeding from criminal offences.

Namely, within the framework of the UNODC Global Program against Human Trafficking and the Global Program against Smuggling of Migrants, the workshops are held with the aim of strengthening national capacities in the field of identification, research and processing of cases of human trafficking and migrant smuggling, providing more effective protection and assistance to victims of human trafficking and migrant smuggling and improvement of cross-border criminal justice cooperation in the South East Europe.

Furthermore, within the framework of the UNODC Global Firearms Program through the regional project "Criminal Response to Firearms Trafficking", the activities are carried out with the aim of improving the criminal justice system and professional training for the investigation and prosecution of illegal firearms trafficking, the use of electronic evidence and activities that are aimed at strengthening the inter-agency and international cooperation.

Also, the Supreme Public Prosecution participates in the activities of the UNODC regional program "From illicit financial flows to asset recovery", which, among others, aim to produce a Manual on international cooperation in forfeiture of assets proceeding from criminal offences and which provide support to the Supreme Public Prosecution’s participation in relevant international law enforcement networks such as the UNODC GlobE network.

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