Public Relations Department

The Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office informs the public on the situation regarding crime and other phenomena which are identified in its operation whenever such a need arises.

The Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office provides information to the public regarding the cases it is processing if this is not contrary to the best interest of the proceedings and when there is an interest shown by the public. The Public Prosecutor’s Office may notify the public both of the issues under its jurisdiction and the issues under the jurisdiction of lower-ranking prosecutor’s offices. The public must be informed truthfully and accurately but disclosure of an official, state or military secret must not come into question. When informing the public, moral interest, public order, the interests of minors, ethnic sentiment and protection of privacy must all be taken into account.

Since the right of the public to be informed is an essential test of the virtues of the democratic society, in 2008 the Department was established in order to provide public access to the information regarding its work according to the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance and under equal conditions for all of the media outlets.

The incumbent and the coordinator of the Public Relations Department and Spokesperson of the Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office is Tomo Zorić, the consultant at the Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The Spokesperson also directly communicates with the representatives of the media and through him the media may ask all of the questions the public is interested in. The Republic Public Prosecutor or the Deputy who is assigned by the Prosecutor or the Spokesperson inform the public through verbal or written announcements, statements or through the public media or in some other appropriate way regarding the initiation of the proceedings in cases the broader public is interested in, while taking into account the interests of conducting the procedure adequately as well as the justifiable protection of the person the data is related to.

The Spokesperson of Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office and the coordinator of the Department, Tomo Zorić, is going to work in coordination with the spokespersons of all prosecutor’s offices in Serbia so the media will be able to send a request through this Prosecutor’s Office for obtaining the information from a jurisdiction of any of the prosecutor’s offices in Serbia.

By establishing this Department in 2008, one of the standards set by the Council of Europe was met, laying the foundation for transparency in the work of the Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is a prerequisite for efficient functioning.

TOMO ZORIĆ (born in 1974 in Belgrade),

Consultant and Spokesperson of the Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office.

2005 -2008 worked as the Spokesperson of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Organised Crime.

2003 -205 expert associate of the Investigative Department at the Second Municipal Court in Belgrade.

2003 – passed the Bar Examination

Graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade as one of the best students in his class, earning an average grade of 9.93.

Co-wrote the book "Public Relations at the Prosecutor’s Office” (2007)

Author of the expert paper: "Seizure of Assets as the Foundation of the Fight against Organised Crime” (2007).

Author of the expert paper: "Human Trafficking and Illegal Migrations” (2006)

Study visit to Brussels, Belgium in 2008: Visiting financial institutions responsible for combating corruption, money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Author of the book "Prosecutor’s Office and the Public” – for practical implementation of communication strategies in the criminal proceedings 2014.

Attended numerous seminars and open debates related to combating corruption and seizure of proceeds from crime.